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Growing Vegetables and Herbs the EPP Way

1.	The EPP (taken from his name’s 
initials) way will not require tracts of good land 
and lots of water for planting vegetables and 
herbs. It is a container gardening system, 
appropriate for urban agriculture and rural 
agriculture in barren land. It is composed of:
a.	potting medium that is organic based 
(soil, compost, coco peat)
b.	organic liquid fertilizer for 
supplemental provision of the essential macro 
and micro nutrients in their proper form and 
c.	container or vessel made out of 
recycled plastic material with holes to ensure 
the 3 elements needed by every plant are 
adequately provided:
water, air and nutrient
2.	The EPP way 
-	is simple and designed for small 
children and senior citizens who can do 
gardening without bending
-	is science and organic based but is 
pesticide free
-	is source of safe food 
-	is a stable source of vegetables and 
herbs since harvest is done 1.5 months after and 
on a 10 day cycle thereafter
-	is favorable for lateral and vertical 
gardening, including table, hanging, and roof 
-	is environment friendly with use of 
recycled materials ; his favorite being the Coke 
plastic bottle due to its size and design
3.	EPP is now being promoted in Metro 
Manila’s urban communities, calamity stricken 
areas, rehabilitation centers, and even prisons 
so they can grow their own food.
4.	It aims to provide better nutrition 
and to generate employment and income 
particularly for the urban poor.
5.	Please download the presentation 
under Resources of this website 
http://www.map-abcdf.com.ph/minutes. It is 
the fruit of Dr. EPP’s over 42 years of teaching 
and Administering in UPLB and his retirement 
advocacy, especially since his own health story 
has become his best testimony.