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Fresh Coconut Processing: Silver Bullet to Eradicate Poverty in the Philippine Countryside*

1. Fresh coconut processing is not about young 
coconut and definitely not about copra. 

2. The demand for natural and healthy drinks 
drives growth of natural drinks like coconut 
water beverages.
    Health benefits from coconut water: 
immediate re-hydration
                                        kidney cleansing
                                        low in calories and 
                                        hang-over fix
    Global players believe healthy trend is for the 
long term.
    Celebrity investments and endorsers (like 
Madonna, Demi Moore, Kirk Douglas, etc.)  
further propel the popularity of coconut water 
    Endorsement by President Pnoy Aquino made 
local market aware of Philippine-made coconut 
water beverages. 

3. Socio-economic benefits of fresh coconut 
    a. resource maximization thru recovery of 
high value, highly nutritious, healthy and natural 
food products from fresh coconut (for copra 
meat products and coco water yield total 22% 
vs. integrated fresh coco processing yielding 44 
to 62%)
    b. coco water wasted from copra in 2010 is 
estimated at P98.9B; skim milk wasted from 
copra in 2010 is estimated at P39.6 B; if virgin 
coconut oil/paring oil were produced in 2010 it 
is estimated at P30B.
    c. farmer benefits  higher income from 
higher price of fresh whole nuts, less process 
steps, shorter time from harvest to selling
    d. countryside development through 
industrialization and higher farm 

4. Every 30,000 hectares of coconut farm can 
support fresh coconut feedstock requirement 
of 400 tons per day for integrated fresh 
coconut processing plant. 

5. Developments:
    a. extension/ expansion projects of existing 
(w/ 4 operational, 2 on-going, 3 in nego stages) 
DCN processing facilities
    b. greenfield integrated projects (2 are on-
going, 1 in closing stage, 10 inquiries with 
budgetary quotes)
    c. current developments (2 MNCs are coming 
out w/ own brand of coco water, 2 MNCs are 
seriously considering, RTD coco water in aseptic 
packaging is saleable in local market at price 
range P60 to 180/ liter, coco farmers are 
becoming aware of their collective power as 
feedstock supplier). 

6. On a 400 ton per day (TPD) Integrated 
Coconut Processing Plant
    a. see the power point presentation for the 
block diagram, mass balance, investment costs, 
and financial forecast details.
    b. total estimated investment cost is 
P1,023,201,400.00 inclusive of 50,000 sqm land, 
site development, building and civil works, 
processing plant, investment on infrastructure, 
and  working capital.
    c. on the financial forecast, with an 
investment of 687,201,400.00 the pay back 
period is 2.8 years or less than 3 years. 

7. Please download the complete presentation 
at www.map-abcdf.com.ph Thank you.