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Animal Identification and Traceability

1. Animal Identification and Traceability. 
Reference: Joel L. Greene, Agricultural Policy 
Analyst, USA 

2. Animal Identification is keeping records on 
individual farm animals or groups of farm animals 
easily tracking from    birth through marketing 

3. Information collected and stored on: animalís 
place and date of birth
                                        name and address 
of owner
                                        date and location 
of movements
                                        date and location 
of slaughter

4. Why identify and track?   
    rapid response to animal health
    food safety concerns
    verification for recognized premium 
commercial production processes

5. Criticisms
    invasion of privacy
    increases costs and technical complexity
    rewards vertical integration at expense of 
family farms
    disadvantages family farms with a lack of 
market power in price structure
    objection on religious grounds
    other potential reasons for producer push-

6. Issues concerning animal identification system
    low participation rates
    slow implementation pace
    mandatory or voluntary
    costs and who pays 

7. Proponentsí claimed benefits
    enhances animal health surveillance and 
disease eradication
    minimizes economic impact of an animal 
disease outbreak
    increases domestic marketing opportunities
    provides a valuable management tool for 
    addresses food safety and national security 
    enhances foreign marketing opportunities for 
animal products
    enhances animal welfare in response to 
natural disasters 

8. A solution: Agrigood which is a web tool to 
help organize, store, and manage farm data with 
aid of web.  

   Implementation: Premises Registration, Animal 
(ex. Goat) Identification No. or Group 
Identification (ex. Fish or Chicken) No., Animal 

9. Added Benefits: savings on administration of 
animal disease control
                   economic benefits from quickly re-
establishing market access in international 
                   avoidance of significant losses
                   increased consumer demand from 
higher confidence in food products 

10. Please refer to the complete presentation 
and minutes of the meeting at www.map-
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