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Bounty Farm - Micronutrients

1. It is USA made; extracted from natural mineral 
raw materials. Application for example on rice: 7 
liters per ha with 50% chemical fertilizer only.
2. It is sold in the USA, Canada, Mexico, 
Germany, China, Japan, Korea and the 
3. The benefits:
    a. Strengthens root growth - overall health of 
plant and its resistance to drought, flood, 
diseases and insects
    b. Increases yield - 7% to 150% on different 
crops and soil conditions
    c. Improves agricultural product quality and 
flavors - better appearance, stronger flavor, 
higher nutritional values, more uniform size
    d. Improves soil fertility, prevents soil 
compaction, and lessens fluctuations in 
4. Research and Development & Affiliates
   a. Sino-Philippines Joint Laboratory in Applied 
Micobiology and Environmental Engineering
       - Asian Environmental Specialist Foundation 
       - College of Food Science and Nutritional 
Engineering of China Agricultural University
       - etc. 
   b. Recent Developments
       - new generation of all-round chemical 
fertilizer with micronutrients with 1 time 
application per cycle for most crops
5. Notable results in specific crops:
   a. Garlic - stronger anti-cancer effect, 12% 
increase in yield, 49% increase in selenium, 25% 
in allicin
   b. Cotton - 9 to 22% higher yield, longer and 
higher quality
   c. Soybean - improved yield in continous 
cropping and drought and salinity stresses
   d. Pechay - marketable yield increased 14 to 
25%, taller plant height and more leaves
   e. Rice - improved yield on all varieties (local 
and hybrid), higher quality and higher market 
price, protein content increased 11.75%,
       amino acids 18 types increased, 9 essential 
amino acids increased 6 to 60%
   f.  Cassava - yield increased 150%, tasted 
   g. Rubber - produced 3 times more latex, 3 
year old trees produced as much as 7 year old 
trees, higher quality from same local clone 
   h. Peach - higher sugar content, lower 
acidity, higher nutritional values
Please download the complete presentation at 
www.map-abcdf.com.ph  Thanks.