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2014-1-16_2nd Forum_Vietnam's Fast Growing Economy0
2014-1-16_Vietnam's Fast Growing Economy0
2014-1-9_1st Forum_Communicating Well in English2
2013_18th Forum_Philippine Dairy Industry_21 May3
2013_17th Forum_Mango Peels Source of Pectin_9 May4
2013_16th Forum_Municipal Waste_25 Apr6
2013_15th Forum_Weather Philippines_16 Apr4
2013_14th Forum_Earth Day_11 April4
2013_13th Forum_JAEC_04 Apr6
2013_12th Forum_CP livestock_21 Mar6
2013_11th Forum_FCRAP_19 Mar4
2013_10th Forum_Rural Justice_14 Mar6
2013_9th Forum_CP Aquaculture_07 Mar5
2013_8th Forum_Permaculture_05 Mar2
2013_7th Forum_US Trade_26 Feb5
2013_6th Forum_Meralco 2_12 Feb1
2013_5th Forum_Canada_7 Jan3
2013_4th Forum_Finland Tech_31 Jan1
2013_3rd Forum_Meralco 1_29 Jan4
2013_2nd Forum_NDC_22 Jan3
2013_1st Forum_Tobacco_15Jan3
Biofuels in Diesel Power Plants5
Romblon Islands Disaster Mitigation Roadmap5
Figaro: From Crop to Cup0
Systems Design for Rice Paddy_17Apr20125
Fruit and Veggie Break_27Mar20123
Small Scale Aquaculture_20Mar20125
Connecting CSRs to Small Farmers_13Mar201210
eExtension Program_06Mar20124
Princess Lalah Awarding for Go Negosyo_01Marc201210
Bernadette Yap Awarding_28Feb20125
Techno Enterprise Hub_28Feb201210
Angels of the Earth_21 Feb201210
EPP Way_07Feb20127
Fresh Coconut Processing_01Feb20126
Organic Farm Field Trip in Quezon34
The Future Power Generation By: Mr. Ville Packalen0
39th (Upland Development with Mr. Jun Lozada)1
38th Weekly Forum Meeting2
37th Weekly Forum Meeting Pictures13
36th Forum Meeting with Mr. Hector Fajardo2
35th Forum Meeting with Prof. Roland Simbulan2
34th Weekly Forum Meeting9
Guests Speakers Photo3
Atty. Adel Tamano1
19th Weekly Forum Meeting(July 15, 2008)30
Map abcdf associates3
Pre Sona Forum11
1st Weekly Forum Meeting1
13th Weekly Forum Meeting12
12th Weekly Forum Meeting2
8th Weekly Forum with Dr. Ronald V. Amorado15
7th Weekly Forum Meeting with Sen. Chiz Escudero6
Forum with Sec. Hermogenes E. Ebdane Jr.2
Forum with Mr. Henry Lim Bon Liong1
Forum with Senator Angara13
Netafim Farm Visit8
Mapecon Plant Visit24