1. To serve as the forum for information and education about the countryside. To learn, to teach and to gather reports on any matter relating to business and development; to therefore provide basic, advanced and continuing research into the needs, the supplies, the models, including any and all technologies, ideas and methods for development. To develop a systematic website, an inter-active data bank and clearing house where operational, trade and management experiences are recorded, updated and made available to any member and that any improvement and application be reverted back into the data bank pool for the use of others.

  2. To provide human resources and individual management services and guidance to rural enterprises and associations that need them; sourcing these from members and contacts developed throughout the years. To establish and strengthen personal and professional networks with business entrepreneurs and associations. To formally recognize actual and successful entrepreneurs from the countryside to serve as models for others to follow

  3. To serve as the voice of Philippine business in rural and countryside development in shaping and executing proper government policies

  4. To firmly and relentlessly raise our official stand against government deficits of any type because these produce inflation, cause the erosion of purchasing power of our currency, discourage savings, thrift and hardwork and stunt the development of the countryside

  5. To open up to any and all members business opportunities that may emanate from our association. To avoid any potential conflict of interest between and among the association and its members by requiring disclosure and transparency whenever there are such activities