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12/07/2010 Regular Meeting Dr. Pons Batugal Expanding the Fruit Industry in Luzon: The Potential of Growing Tropical Fruits for NGOs and Entrepreneurs
11/24/2010 Regular Meeting Mr. Senen Bacani Consultation on Bangsamoro
11/11/2010 Regular Meeting Mr. Danilo Fausto From Full Time Banking to a Dairy Farming
11/04/2010 Regular Meeting Mr. Willy Co RP’s Top Seed Company Sells to Every Town
10/21/2010 Joint Meeting Simo Hoikka, Tarja Kuokkanen, Lasse Halopainen, Petteri Makitalo and Finnish Ambassador to the Philippines, H.E. Heikki Hannikainen. Symposium on The Best Country in the World: Finland
10/19/2010 Regular Meeting Mr. Wilfredo Maldia Land Bank Fuelling Agribusiness and Countryside Development
10/12/2010 Regular Meeting Mr. Ramon Tan The Herbal Pot, A High Density Planting Concept
10/05/2010 Regular Meeting Mr. Angelito Sarmiento Creating Wealth for the Community
09/30/2010 Regular Meeting Mr. Rogelio Prospero Public-Private Partnership for Disaster Mitigation
09/23/2010 Regular Meeting Dr. Cesar Nuevo Reproduction Technologies and Tree Improvement
09/16/2010 Regular Meeting Bernard S. Tad-awan, PhD. Shiitake Mushroom Production
09/09/2010 Regular Meeting Mr. Paul PuthenpurekalSolutions Using Renewable Energy

(Please refer to the Minutes of the Meeting.)
09/02/2010 Regular Meeting Mr. Urooj Malik The Challenge and Promise of Mindanao
08/24/2010 Regular Meeting Dr. Pepz Cunanan Sustainable Development
08/17/2010 Regular Meeting Hon. Cong. Angelo Palmones and President A. Baluscang Jr., PhD. Biotechnology Industry in the Philipines and R&D Management of Apayao State College
08/10/2010 Regular Meeting Mr. Ericson Atanacio Rare Fruit Society of the Philippines
08/05/2010 Regular Meeting Geoff Graham and Jose Gene Quesada Improving Access to and Quality of Care in the Philippines with SANA Telemedicine System
07/29/2010 Regular Meeting Mr. Virgil C. QuiblatHandmade Paper Mill and Paper Making, Science, Technology and Art

(Please refer to the Minutes of the Meeting.)
07/22/2010 Regular Meeting Dr. Celso B. Lantican Viable Business Options Using Bamboo
07/15/2010 Regular Meeting Dr. Virgilio T. Villancio Laying the Groundwork for the Development of the Jatropha-basd Biodiesel Industry in the Philippines
07/08/2010 Regular Meeting Rodel Urani High Value Activities Agriculture with ICT
06/29/2010 Regular Meeting Sergio J. Montinola Supplemental Meal for Under-Nourished Mother's and Children
06/24/2010 Regular Meeting Mr. Noli Jimenez Making Plastic Biodegradable
06/17/2010 Regular Meeting Mr. Joseph RañolaPhilippine Budget Watch

(Please refer to the Minutes of the Meeting.)
06/11/2010 Regular Meeting Mr. Rex A. Rivera Synchronization of Mango Production and Marketing on a Year Round Basis
06/01/2010 Regular Meeting Mr. Antonio TiuPutting Up An Agri Bank*

(Please refer to the Minutes of the Meeting.)
05/25/2010 Regular Meeting Mr. Mikael Avellan Wetting Agent Usage – Solution for Philippine Agriculture (Dryness and Flooding)
05/20/2010 Regular Meeting Dr. Eliseo Ruiz Food Self Sufficiency: Sustainable Production of Staple Crop Thru Organic Farming
05/18/2010 Regular Meeting Mr. Carlitos Encarnacion Represented by: Mr. Mr. Rex Antonio P, Teoxon Tobacco Product Development and Pioneering Ventures*
05/04/2010 Regular Meeting Dr. Vicente "Boyet" C. Manalo, Jr. Broiler Contract Growing Achieving Better Profitability through Modernization

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