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05/11/2021 No minutes Mr. Owen CammayoBreakthrough: The Financial Choices We Make

(Please refer to the Minutes of the Meeting.)
05/04/2021 No minutes Engr. Carlito “Caling” Balingb 3D Printing of Spare Parts for Agri Machinery
04/27/2021 Regular Meeting Ms. Florena B. Samiano Potentials of Harvesting and Utilizing Philippine Cinnamons
04/20/2021 Regular Meeting Ray R. Elevazo CDA and the Organizing and Empowering of Coconut Farmer Organization and Coops
04/13/2021 Regular Meeting Mr. Ben Mead Philippine Essential Oils and Natural Extracts Industry
03/30/2021 Regular Meeting Mr. Artemio C. Veneracion, Jr. Business Opportunities in Rabbit Production
03/23/2021 Regular Meeting Mr. John Glenn Ocana Leyte’s Salabat and Ginger Candy
03/16/2021 Regular Meeting Angelina P. Galang, PhD.Agri and Climate Neutrality by 2050

(Please refer to the Minutes of the Meeting.)
03/09/2021 Regular Meeting Dr. Jonar YagoTechno-Innovation of Cultural Management of Calamansi Production

(Please refer to the Minutes of the Meeting.)
03/02/2021 Regular Meeting Jose Gerardo O. Santamaria, PhD, A.I.M. Action Consulting Projects
02/23/2021 Regular Meeting Jesus Makilan Jr. Multi-Purpose Processing Plant (MP3) for Countryside Development
02/16/2021 Regular Meeting V. Bruce J. Tolentino Amended IRR for Agri-Agra Law
02/09/2021 Regular Meeting Louanne Mae Calipaya and Maria Gracia "Bubbles" Fajardo Hilot: Health Wisdom of Everyday Living
02/02/2021 Regular Meeting Dr. Jonar I. Yago Harnessing Fungi for Citrus Business
01/26/2021 Regular Meeting Celia B. Elumba TELA Pilipinas Model for Natural Textiles, Including Bamboo
01/19/2021 Regular Meeting Dr. Aladino Moraca Local Action to Rural Industrialization
01/12/2021 Regular Meeting Mr. Cesar Gomez Coconut Industry Sketches
01/12/2021 No minutes Mr. Cesar Gomez Coconut Industry Sketches Reference from Dr. Pons Batugal
01/05/2021 Regular Meeting Ernesto Pantua Jr.Innovative AgriBusiness

(Please refer to the Minutes of the Meeting.)