As adopted on (24 July 1997)


  • Believing that the Almighty God guides the destiny of nations and knowing that we are God fearing/God loving people with values of honesty and decency present in the countryside, fair dealings with fellow human beings espousing productive and effective work under an atmosphere of freedom with responsibility;

Credo, Whereas…

  1. Development is a long and challenging process, and agribusiness and countryside development is a central to it;

  2. Countryside development is accessing resources and manage them to attain the common good;

  3. Resources (e.g., land, money and skilled manpower) are scarce – thus, they must be utilized efficiently to benefit most sectors of society;

  4. Human resource, the ultimate resource, must be developed for the country's competitive advantage;

  5. Management expertise must be enhanced in all sectors in the countryside for sound and sustainable development;

  6. The ultimate end of agribusiness and countryside development is growth that is equitable and sustainable – and this will result in better living standards, socio-political stability and higher dignity of every individual;

  7. Countryside development entails the transformation of subsistence agriculture into commercial agriculture – the deepening and widening of inter-linkages in the agribusiness chain; the enhancement of income opportunities in farm and non-farm sectors; and the empowerment of the various stakeholders;

  8. Agribusiness significantly contributes to countryside development and provides a conducive investment environment;

  9. A framework and regulation of sound policy is fundamental to planning and promoting agribusiness investments;

  10. An open, continuing and synergistic dialogue among the stakeholders of the agribusiness system is mandatory to sound policy and regulatory environment for investments;

  11. Enterprise in the countryside should be characterized by regional/global competitiveness;


  • To Promote Philippine Agribusiness and Countryside Development via all pertinent sciences and technologies


  • To generate and make available the relevant entrepreneurial, management and technical skills to benefit Philippine Agribusiness and Countryside Development through private initiatives so as to enhance them on a continuing, total and integrated basis

We, who form part of the MAP ABCD Foundation, therefore dedicate and commit ourselves to:

  1. Policies that are market-led and private sector-oriented;

  2. Openness to new ideas and new ways of doing things from all sources;

  3. Networking and strategic alliances with other sectors of society;

  4. Promoting globally competitive business and technology systems;

  5. Identifying and advocating policies which affirm actions to the disadvantaged and marginalized groups of the society, particularly in the countryside, where market forces fail to operate;

  6. Freely give personal time and effort to a reasonable extent as individual contributions toward the successful accomplishment of the Foundation's goals;


  1. To conduct weekly forum to secure up- to- date information and to disseminate relevant education for our members and guests so that they can derive significant take home and useful value

  2. To endorse to our members for their continuing research, evaluation, decision and action any project, product or service which may present commercial and/or social development opportunities for them

  3. To introduce new and improve existing contacts to and amongst our members so that creative interaction can be maximized

  4. To identify problems and bottlenecks in agribusiness and countryside development so that they can be properly addressed by our members or referred to those with the appropriate competence

  5. To maintain a complete, orderly and up- to- date website and data bank to allow anyone, especially for those distant and absent, to access our resources, presentations and minutes of all our meetings

  6. To issue timely and responsive public advocacies relating to matters of vital interest to agribusiness and countryside development in particular and for the benefit of the country in general

  7. To recruit and advance our membership roster through the addition of select and qualified members

  8. To continue our Outreach Seniorversity Program that brings our volunteer resources and talents out of Makati and into the rural areas for the appropriate transfers of technology and management discipline

  9. To achieve and create institutional synergies with other individuals and groups, formally and informally, through cooperation and partnership agreements in order to mutually promote our respective functions

  10. To manage the finances and affairs of the foundation prudently and soundly


  1. To advocate adequate support for competitiveness enhancement measures and to undertake the monitoring of the same;

  2. To push for the passage of important legislation that will spur agribusiness and countryside development such as the Agribusiness Incentives Act;

  3. To promote agribusiness investments in the countryside that are market-led, private sector-oriented and globally competitive;

  4. To support the government programs which further the attainment of our goals;

  5. To attend workshops and other for a on policy reforms on improvement of the regulatory and other bureaucratic procedures, and on related topics;

  6. To support and participate seminar workshops in pursuit of the objective of bridging the political/ideological with business and technology;